About QL Lian Hoe Sdn Bhd

Fish balls are a national food in Malaysia, and you can see fish balls in almost every corner of every day. Although the fish balls seem to be simple snacks, in fact, its complicated production process requires a lot of steps to make the fish balls that everyone usually likes.

QL Lian Hoe Sdn Bhd, which is well-known in Johor Bahru, has already been operating for 32 years. Founded in the 1980s, it is now managed by the second generation successor, Mr. Ang. When Mr. Ang’s father operated in the early years, he gradually grew from the initial home-style production to factory scale.

In the 1990s, the economy prospered and the factory business gradually increased. After several expansions and movings, it is now a three-story, self-contained factory with full mechanical operation. QL Lianhoe factory is three storeys high, divided into production department, packaging department, cold storage department, office and shipping department. The factory is clean and has nearly 80 employees. The food raw materials are mainly fish paste, and no preservatives are added, so that people can enjoy with peace of mind.

The early Lianhoe Fish Ball was famous after its Singapore Fish Ball, and later developed a variety of hand-made stuffed tofu to cater to different markets. At present, the main products of QL Lian Hoe Sdn Bhd include various styles of bouncy and delicious fresh fish balls and fish cakes, stuffed tofu, fried wonton, fried wuxiang, and presentable packaged frozen fish paste food.

QL Lian Hoe Sdn Bhd is now a large producer of fresh fish balls and fish cakes in Johor, and is also a major supplier of fish balls in the major dry and wet market. The products are mainly sold to all parts of Malaysia and neighboring countries. You can see the products in all hypermarket, supermarket and dry and wet food markets. All products of QL Lian Hoe Sdn Bhd, are suitable for home cooking, noodle hawkers or restaurants, hot pot dishes and buffet banquets.

"We advertise the 'JB and SG taste in memory', although it is machinery manufactured, it still retains the traditional taste, allowing customers to continue to enjoy the delicious taste of bouncy fish balls! Nowadays, the competition in the market is getting more and more challenging, but we still insist on the quality of the products and make every fish ball with quality materials." , quoted Mr. Ang

He also stressed that QL Lian Hoe Sdn Bhd upholds the company's belief that "people-oriented, quality first" to produce health and safety, high quality, delicious taste of fish balls and fish paste products, in order to thank customers for many years of recognition and support.